Q1. Is Conference in-person or virtual?

Based on the condition of Corona pandemic, the conference would be in-person or virtual. In the present condition, the organizing committee has decided for a hybrid conference.

Q2. Is accommodation prepared for the participants?

Unfortunately, due to the Corona pandemic conditions, accommodation should be prepared by the participants. Some links are given in Conference Accommodation Section.

Q3. Is there any page limit for the paper?

Hopefully no!

Q4. Will the papers publish in IEEE Xplore digital library?

Yes, all the accepted and presented papers will be published in IEEE Xplore digital library.

Q5. If we cannot present our paper, can we request publication of our paper in IEEE Xplore?

Not at all!

Q6. Can we request one of our friends to present our paper?

Not at all! All papers must be presented by one of the paper authors.

Q7. Do the conference give attendance and/or presentation certificate to the authors or participants?

Yes, Sure!

Q8. Do the workshop attendees receive certificate?

Yes, all the attendees who have registered for the workshop and have been present throughout the workshop or webinar, will receive certificate for that workshop, signed by Professor Ahmadi, Chair, IEEE Iran Section and Professor Granpayeh, Conference Chair.