Creating Presentation Film

  • The presentation must be in English,
  • Use appropriate software such as PowerPoint, Camtasia, Bandicam, and ZD Soft Screen Recorder, to create a 15-minute film of your English presentation,
  • There are many films on Youtube and Aparat to describe the methods of creating film from presentation,
  • The created film must have the format of mp4. If the film is not mp4, you have to convert the format by an appropriate software (File converter),
  • If the film is more than 30 MB, use software such as Handbrake to reduce the size,
  • To name the film file, use the paper code and the presenter’s name and family name,
  • The film should be viewed before uploading it to the conference site,
  • If you are sure that the time of the film is 15 minutes, the quality is good, and is less than 30 MB, upload it to The username is mmwatt and the password is December$.
  • If you haven’t uploaded the pdf and ppt files of the slides and the presentation film to, you can upload them up to Saturday, Jan. 7, 2023 (17 Day 1401).